Introduction to Communication: Definition, Elements that Form the Communication Process, Quality/Effective Communication – Characteristics, Barriers to Effective Communication, Overcoming Barriers To Effective Communication, Levels of Communication. Types/Forms Of Communication: Oral Communication and its Forms , Written Communication And Its Forms, Non-Verbal – Audio, Visual, Audio-Visual And Body Language – Sub-Disciplines Of Body Language, Advantages And Disadvantages of Each Form of Communication, The Role of Non-Verbal Communication. Communication Patterns: Vertical, Horizontal/Lateral, Diagonal, Grapevine, Advantages and Disadvantages. Sources of Information: Interviews, Questionnaires, Library, Observations, Experiments, the Internet. Techniques in Communication: Listening Skills, Reading Skills, Writing Skills, Presentation Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Other Basic Skill-Sets for a Manager or Communicator. Communication Technology: Computer Based Communication, the Role of Technology in Communication. Ethical Issues: Communicating Decisions Ethically.